External Verification

Notwithstanding minds legitimacy and dependability, the External Verification measure is intended to guarantee that any fundamental assets are set up to help the conveyance of the capability and to watch that any middle formulated appraisals are practicable to convey.

External Assessment Timetable

At ASML the External Assessments are conducted every two months in line with the discretion of the respective awarding body. The tentative turnaround time for external verification process is 4-5 weeks (business days to be considered).

Please find below the EV timetable for the year 2020-2021;

Cycles Month and Date
Cycle 1 30 th Jan 2021
Cycle 2 30th Mar 2021
Cycle 3 30 th May 2021
Cycle 4 30 th July 2021
Cycle 5 30 th Sept 2021
Cycle 6 30th Nov 2021