How the Distance / Online Learning works at ASML

Flexibility, convenience and user-friendliness rule today’s demands. It is equally significant in the education regime, and the transition from the traditional contexts of classrooms to the online platforms is a significant result of these specifications. In this context, distance education plays a crucial role in leveraging opportunities for easier access and convenience. One of the main features of distance education is that you do not need to conform to schedules and time constraints. Itis advantageous specifically for those groups who wish to pursue their career, life and education in parallel streams. The facilitation of accessing education without affecting the commitments of life and career enables an individual to progress towards the accomplishment of higher career aspirations without stress and dilemmas.

Moreover, the current career scenario exerts the need for the upholding of extreme competencies, and the possession of more degrees and different degrees are considered as extra advantages. Distance education enables an individual to achieve multiple degrees within shorter periods.

Ascent School of Management is one such UK based platform where you can pursue courses opting distance mode. You can avail concomitant benefits by registering for our courses. We confer maximum flexibility upon you concerning the schedules and accessibility. Most importantly, these include the provisions for undertaking multiple courses simultaneously. The allowance of a break in studies further adds to the benefits. Besides, our course portfolio is advanced and verily competent and thus meets the contemporary professional needs.


Supportive service: Our services are tailored to your individual needs, and this encompasses both technical and personal support. Our staffs assist you with utmost care addressing your concerns on a 24/7 basis. Our hotline answers your queries and comes up with solutions at the earliest.

Committed professionals: Our in house tutors and support team are experts in different fields and offer quality services. They contact you weekly and gathers updates on your progress. Besides, your queries are answered daily and are ready to clarify doubts and assist you in achieving the deadlines of assignments.

Quality learning materials: The offering of quality learning materials is another competitive advantage of Ascent School of Management. Besides, we assure the accessibility of the learning material through our dedicated learning portal.

We could accomplish tremendous success through the prioritisation of quality services. Besides, the passion for keeping pace with the changing educational trends has made us a preferred distance education mode by an exponential volume of students. We expect to continue this by upholding the passion for rendering quality learning services along with a strong course portfolio. We assure your accomplishment of a standard degree stress-free by registering at Ascent School of Management.


Select your course

You are given the full freedom to choose the course that you decide to pursue.


Once you have found the course of your choice, you make an application via our website or contact us via email provided below: The payment follows then as per your convenience – either single payment or easily monthly instalments

Access to LMS

Once you get enrolled, you would be provided with the login details to access the student portal, which will have all sort of materials complete your course successfully. The materials are easy to understand and would help you to work on your assignments which you will have to submit for final marking.

Dedicated Tutor

You will be guided by a personal tutor and supported by our back-office support team who will give assistance and advice about your course and assignments. Once you are done with your assignments, our tutor would cross-check the same and provides you with feedback which would enable you to improve on your next try. Everything happens via our Learning Management portal.

Assessment of Assignments

Regular feedback is provided to you when you improve your work. Once the final work is done, marks and grades are published via the portal. Once you pass the first assignment, you will have to move on to your next module, and this is how you complete the whole course within the specified duration.


Certificates are provided to you once the course is completed successfully. You can then move on to your desired career with the help of the accredited certificate. If you wish to study more, you can enrol for a different course with us. The decision is yours.