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Qualifi Level 7 Diploma in Project Management

What you'll learn

The Qualifi Level 7 Diploma in Project Management offers advanced training for professionals aspiring to excel in project management roles. Learners develop insights into risk management, stakeholder involvement, and procurement techniques as they explore different facets of project planning, execution, and control. With the help of this diploma, learners can become proficient in navigating intricate project environments and using efficient project management techniques to propel organizational achievement.

Key Benefits

  • Grasp and implement project management principles within a corporate setting.
  • Assess and implement project management principles tailored to the industry.
  • Apply project management principles within a distinct environment.
  • Enhance learners' employability by examining the correlation between theories and their practical implications in business.
  • Evaluate problem-solving methodologies relevant to both business and industry contexts.

About Awarding Body

QUALIFI, recognised by Ofqual awarding organisation has assembled a reputation for maintaining significant skills in a wide range of job roles and industries which comprises Leadership, Hospitality & Catering, Health and Social Care, Enterprise and Management, Process Outsourcing and Public Services. They are liable for awarding organisations and thereby ensuring quality assurance in Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is Included?

  • 24/7 to our compressive learning management platform, where you will be able to access vital learning resources and communicate with the support desk team.
  • Quality learning materials such as structured lecture notes, study guides, and practical applications, which include real-world examples and case studies, will enable you to apply your knowledge.
  • A dedicated tutor for individual students to help and provide suggestions throughout the course.
  • Provide formative assessment with formative feedback will be supporting the learner to improve the achievements.
  • Independent accessibility of Online learning portal, ASML delivers the course straight to the student’s smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop through which will enable them to study at their convenience.


  • Time-constrained scenario-based assignments
  • No examinations

Entry Requirements

The qualification has been designed to be accessible without artificial barriers that restrict access. In order to enrol for this programme, applicants must be aged 18 years or over. There are few other criteria as well, please see below:

  • Qualifications at Level 6 in Project Management and;
  • Work experience in a Project Management and demonstrate ambition with clear career goals;
  • A Level 7 qualification in another discipline and who want to develop their careers in Project Management ;
  • In the case of applicants whose first language is not English, then IELTS 6 (or equivalent) is required.


After completing the Qualifi Level 7 Diploma in Project Management, learners can choose from the following pathways:

  • Enter the workforce directly within a related professional field

Why gain Qualification

QUALIFI qualifications aim to support learners to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to support their professional development within their chosen career and or to provide opportunities for progression to further study. Our qualifications provide opportunities for learners to:

  • apply analytical and evaluative thinking skills
  • develop and encourage problem solving and creativity to tackle problems and challenges
  • exercise judgement and take responsibility for decisions and actions
  • develop the ability to recognise and reflect on personal learning and improve their personal, social, and other transferable skills.
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Course Content

Reference No : 1

This unit will introduce learners to the reality of project development and management. It will also introduce learners to the difficulties of project management in the global corporate environment.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : 2

This unit aims to help learners understand procurement fundamentals and the importance of detecting and managing procurement and contract management risks. Learners will also grasp diverse procurement legislation frameworks and evaluate risk assessment frameworks in the procurement environment.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : 3

This unit aims to teach learners about portfolio management and the features that go with it. The need for a Project Management Office and the stages of developing a successful project management office will also be discussed. The learners will also examine the supply chain ecosystem and IT frameworks appropriate for logistics and supply chain difficulties.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : 4

This unit aims to build a critical awareness of project management operations and information systems. The influence of modern circumstances on interrelationships within functional sectors will be investigated. Learners will analyse the importance of inventory management using information systems and inventory scheduling in connection to organisational strategy and capacity to plan for items.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : 5

The unit aims to give learners the practical, technical, and methodological abilities they need to undertake independent research for their research projects and management in general. The unit recognises that conducting research necessitates developing specific and generic research skills, such as understanding the research design process, different techniques for conducting research in business and management studies and an appreciation of the ethical and social implications of high-value research.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : 6

The unit aims to introduce the principles of project management required for successful project delivery. In addition, learners will recognise the importance of a project lifecycle and how it can assist project management through gateways.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : 7

Operations and Supply Chain Management is a field of study and business activity important in securing long-term profitability, performance excellence and competitive advantage. This unit incorporates operations management and strategy studies, allowing managers to direct, design and manage product and service delivery, establish effective and efficient processes and supply and distribution networks, and incorporate resources, information/technology and people perspectives.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : 8

The unit aims to introduce learners to leadership and personal leadership development through critical self-reflection to inform self-directed development, including the ability to reflect critically on personal experiences and articulate the learning from these experiences. The main practical focus is on individual reflection of unique leadership potential, drawing on various exercises to evaluate learners' styles and approaches, leadership journey and development needs.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : 9

The unit aims to enhance learner's ability to apply risk management techniques to various project settings. Learners analyse the influence of culture on risk management and risk management methods.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : 10

This unit is designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge to manage innovation projects effectively. Learners are introduced to innovation project management (IPM), which goes beyond traditional project management methodologies, enabling them to identify problems in organisations, conceive solutions and promote changes to organisational culture where necessary.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Reference No : 11

The unit aims to explore the key aspects of project management by looking at the project planning process. Learners can contribute to creating a project plan according to a brief taken by the learners. The topics include the selection and justification of a range of tools/techniques/methodologies required for professional planning, implementing projects, evaluating associated benefits/costs and managing risk and uncertainty. The challenges of project organisation structures and resource scheduling are also addressed.

Credit : 20 || TQT : 200

Delivery Methods

Ascent School of Management offers a wide variety of courses and you are given a choice to select any one as per your need and requirement. You would be given the benefit to choose the time and place of study and the study materials are accessible 24/7 via our Learning Management System. They can be accessed from any part of the world at any time. You will be guided by a personal Tutor and supported by our back-office support team who will give your assistance and advice about your course and assignments.

At ASML, our online courses are flexible and designed to fit full-time working professionals. So you don’t miss out on valuable income, experience and career progress while you study. Our online study mode lets you set your study hours, and you have access 24/7 to our compressive learning materials. While you may have some activities at fixed times, such as assessments, you can access and work through your course at your convenience. You will also get adequate guidance and support from tutors via our support desk portal.

When you study online with us, you can expect top-class support from our dedicated support desk team, which means you’re never alone in your studies. You will get guidance, support and assessment feedback from your tutors through our support desk portal. The blended learning at ASML is designed to meet the needs of learners who want to widen their knowledge online with dedicated one-to-one online live sessions with tutors at their convenience. ASML is keen to offer an immersive learning experience to our learners with an innovative blended learning approach, which replaces traditional classroom-based learning with block delivery of online live teaching sessions. With our blended learning, you will get everything that comes with our online learning and plus live classes with assigned tutors.

About Awarding Body

QUALIFI, recognised by Ofqual awarding organisation has assembled a reputation for maintaining significant skills in a wide range of job roles and industries which comprises Leadership, Hospitality & Catering, Health and Social Care, Enterprise and Management, Process Outsourcing and Public Services. They are liable for awarding organisations and thereby ensuring quality assurance in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Resources and Support

At Ascent School of Management London, we are dedicated to providing exceptional support to our learners every step of the way. Our centralized tutor support desk portal ensures that our support team can provide guidance, assessment feedback, and any other study support promptly and efficiently. Our support team is committed to assisting learners as quickly as possible. Whenever a learner submits a support request via the support desk portal, our team assigns it to an appropriate tutor. Once the allocated tutor responds to the request, the support team makes it available to the learner in the portal.

We understand that efficient support is essential for the success of our learners. That's why we have a support desk system in place to streamline all support processes efficiently. Our learners can rely on us to provide effective assistance whenever they need it. Furthermore, our learning materials are created by industry experts, giving our learners a competitive edge. These materials are available in three formats, including PDF, PowerPoint, or Interactive Text Content on the learning portal. We are confident that our high-quality materials will help our learners achieve their goals.

Study Options

10 Monthly Payments - £98.44

Initial Deposit - £246.11

Total Discount Applied - 40%

10 Monthly Payments - £133.00

Initial Deposit - £332.51

Total Discount Applied - 40%

  • Duration 12 Months
  • Credits 120
  • Accreditation Ofqual.Gov.UK
  • Intake Every Month
  • Study Mode Online / Blended
  • Course Materials: Well Structured
  • All Inclusive Cost Yes
  • Tutor Desk Yes
  • Support Desk Yes
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