The IBT Diploma in Public Relations (Level 4) offers a brief yet inclusive introduction to the subject of contemporary public relations (PR), introducing a wide range of valuable theoretical teaching and significant concepts. Regardless of the fact as to whether a brand works directly with the public or not, and the public reputation holds importance in determining the market performance of the brand. The practice of Public Relations is typically targeted on the free delivery of information in media with the aid of editorial contents, media releases and marketing of the same. IBT Diploma in Public Relations (Level 4) course is suitable for both novices as well as experienced learners. This course incorporates essential learning for maximising the value of all PR activities, building positive brand exposure, how to deal with the media and the significance of present PR or marketing platforms and tools. Further, the abilities to make a relationship with the press is one of the most significant skills in public relation, and this course aims to develop this skill of learners through practical sessions offered by the course. The present course focuses on enhancing the expertise of candidates without any previous knowledge and skills in public relations. Moreover, through the preset advanced public relation classes teach students to plan a company-wide public relations campaign from start to end.

About Awarding Body

IBT is an awarding body which offers business and management programs that meets the 21st century corporate needs. The high-quality vocational qualifications offered by the Institute ensures that the learners attain enhanced knowledge and skills in the specific field. In addition, the IBT provides assistance to the accredited centres as part of maintaining the quality and standard of the programs offered to the students. The regular monitoring helps the accredited centres in improving the quality of the teaching periodically.

IBT is one of the institution in the UK which offers flexible, professional, and customer-focused management programs to the learners. Attaining the IBT qualification will help the learners in enhancing career opportunities in the corporate sector.

IBT’s Vision and Mission

IBT’s vision is to promote valuable and high-quality vocational qualifications which meet the 21st-century employer and learner needs. The institute strives in maintaining the quality of the programs through offering flexible and advanced support to the accredited centres.

Entry requirements

  • Learners must be aged 16 years and above at the time of admission
  • Higher Secondary Education or equivalent
  • The scholars must have any Level-3 qualification
  • Mature scholars require a minimum of 3 years of appropriate work experience
  • International scholars whose first language is not in English; they will want to have a minimum score of a minimum of 5.5 or above in the examination or similar of IELTS. Alternatively, scholars can take an English test conducted by IBT approved centres.

Qualification structure

Unit Ref. No. Unit title Credit
DPR401 Understanding the fundamentals of 20
DPR402 Role of PR Manager in Public Relations 20
DPR403 Importance of Planned Communication in Public Relations 20
DPR404 Methods and strategies for Public Relations 20
DPR405 Duties, responsibilities and challenges of PR Manager 20
DPR406 Issues and crisis management of Public Relations 20


The assessment will be carried out internally for all units. All the performances are evaluated by coursework. This may include staff observations, practical projects and production of portfolios. There is no formal examination for any of the units.

Learners will assess by their course work and assignments. Students will make sure to meet up the assessment criteria attached with each unit to the appropriate standard for the level of the unit.

Diploma certificate will be awarded following to the candidate's course work. This provided only after the checking and verification of qualified tutor and the confirmation of an external verifier. Candidate must pass all the seven units to get awarded and also a minimum of 40% marks in each unit.


Diploma in Public Relations cause would aid the learners to develop the behaviours and leadership skills needed to become a successful PR manager. After the completion of the Diploma course successfully, learners will be able to seek operational level roles in PR departments of leading business organisations. The learners may choose to pursue a variety of rewarding positions, including media direction, PR director, PR Specialist, media relations specialist, public affairs director, communication manager and more, with salaries varying from £20,000 to £50,000+ with sufficient experience. Learners can alternatively seek academic progression by undertaking level 5 qualifications offered by IBT.

Delivery Method

The communication and learning will be conveyed through the approved centres of IBT Qualifications via Blended and Online. The student can select one of the IBT Qualification’s approved centres so that they will be able to attain benefits like tutor support and studying with other learners.

Leaners can also choose to study with one of IBT Qualifications’ Distance Learning providers who deliver courses through Blended Learning and Online, so that course can be finished at their own pace. This suits those who perhaps have family or work commitments. This may also be an option for you if you do not live near to one of our accredited centres.

There are IBT Qualifications Distance Learning providers who deliver courses through online and Blended learning, so that learners can complete their course at their own pace. The leaners also have the option to choose any of the IBT Qualifications Distance Learning providers to enroll. This will help those who are working and have family commitments and this type of learning facility will suit for those who are not living near to any of our accredited centres.

Learning Objectives/ Benefits of the course

  • To understand the importance of public relations
  • To understand how public relations in modern business can be managed
  • To comprehend the role of PR Manager is shaping public perception of a brand
  • To understand the importance of Planned Communication in Public Relations
  • To comprehend the methods and strategies for Public Relations

The students interested in expanding the career to a professional event planner or instigating a new business in the field of event management can join to the diploma course in event management. Students from anyplace in the world can join this course and enjoy the provisions of interest fee instalments of course fee and full tutor support

What is included

  • A dedicated tutor for individual students to help and provide suggestions throughout the course.
  • Provide formative assessment with formative feedback will be supporting the learner to improve the achievements.
  • Our online learning platform will provide all of the assessment materials.
  • Platform independent accessibility of Online learning portal, ASML delivers the course straight to the student’s smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop through which will enable them to study at their convenience.

Level of attainment

Learners who meet the requirements for the qualification will be awarded a pass. The qualification itself is not graded. For each unit learners will be marked out of 100 and will be graded as follows.

A+ 75% + Higher Distinction
A 65% - 74% Distinction
B 50% - 64% Merit
C 40% - 49% Pass
D 30% - 39% Marginal Fail
D 15% - 29% Fail (Grade, copy from IBT)

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