ILM Level 2 Diploma in Team Leading is a combined and competency based qualification and is ideal for learners who wish to become managers and leaders. This program provides learners with the opportunity to learn and implement the core skills needed in today’s dynamic business environment The qualification also forms part of the ILM Level 2 Apprenticeship in Team Leading.

Entry Requirements

  • Must be 14 years of age and over

Why to choose ILM

The deliverability of prominent leadership and management course in the market will help to gain the essential to the successful business. ILM specialises in leadership, management, coaching and mentoring, but also offer a wide range of sector- and skill-specific qualifications.

ILM goal is to entitle people and organisation to improve their leadership skills for personal and economic growth. ILM qualification will help the learners to develop, assess and accredit leaders with the right blend of skills.

What is included?

  • A dedicated tutor for individual students to help and provide suggestions throughout the course.
  • Provide formative assessment with formative feedback will be supporting the learner to improve the achievements.
  • Our online learning platform will provide all of the assessment materials.
  • Platform independent accessibility of Online learning portal, ASML delivers the course straight to the student’s smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop through which will enable them to study at their convenience.

Delivery Methods

    In Ascent School of Management London, Learners can choose the mode of study as per their choice and convenience as we provide various flexible delivery methods to its learners which include blended learning, online learning and distance learning. The program is self-paced and accomplished through our advanced Learning Management System. Learners are able to interact with tutors by messaging through the Learning Management System to discuss the course materials, provide guidance and assistance with the assignments.

Qualification structure

Credit Value: 40

Rules of Combination:

  • Minimum of 12 credits from Group 1
  • Maximum of 6 credits from Group 2
  • Some units are barred against each other, see table below.

Optional units: Choose any ONE

Unit Code Unit Title Credit
8620-200 Manage Personal Performance and Development 4
8620-201 Communicate Work-Related Information 4
8620-202 Lead and Manage a Team 5
8620-203 Principles of Team Leading 5
8620-204 Understand Business 4
Group 1
8620-301 Manage Team Performance 4
8620-310 Manage Conflict within a Team 5
8620-205 Develop Working Relationships with Colleagues 3
Group 2
8620-208 Health and Safety Procedures in the Workplace 2
8620-323 Resolve Customers’ Complaints 4


  • Time-constrained scenario-based assignments
  • No examinations


This qualification will provide progression opportunities to other qualifications such as:

  • ILM Level 3 Diploma in Management
  • ILM Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Management
  • ILM Level 4 Diploma in the Principles of Leadership & Management.

Benefits for Learners

Successful learners may progress to a range of qualifications including the following:

  • Take control of your personal development
  • Communicate clearly and confidently
  • Engage and support your team
  • Build positive and productive relationships at work
  • Get a nationally recognised qualification.


The fees details provided below are for online learning only. If you would like to opt blended learning, please contact us to find out the fees information.

The total cost is subjected to 20% VAT.

Diploma in Team Leading

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