The diploma in hotel management offers entry to a comprehensive range of career options in hotel management. The hotel management diploma is intended for those who are looking to obtain a serious edge over the competition and trying expressively to increase the employment potential. Learners can attempt this course without any definite prior knowledge or experience. The course progressively introduces all essential elements of hotel management so that even fresher’s can understand the basics of hotel management. Furthermore, it encourages advanced level skills, confidence and industry-specific competencies among learners. The course offers a complete overview of the industry as a whole, and also covers aspects related to managing back office, front office, housekeeping and food & beverage departments, advertising and marketing, human resource management and the basic overview of the hotel accountancy and the essentials of quality control in hotel management.

About Awarding Body

IBT is an awarding body which offers business and management programs that meets the 21st century corporate needs. The high-quality vocational qualifications offered by the Institute ensures that the learners attain enhanced knowledge and skills in the specific field. In addition, the IBT provides assistance to the accredited centres as part of maintaining the quality and standard of the programs offered to the students. The regular monitoring helps the accredited centres in improving the quality of the teaching periodically.

IBT is one of the institution in the UK which offers flexible, professional, and customer-focused management programs to the learners. Attaining the IBT qualification will help the learners in enhancing career opportunities in the corporate sector.

IBT’s Vision and Mission

IBT’s vision is to promote valuable and high-quality vocational qualifications which meet the 21st-century employer and learner needs. The institute strives in maintaining the quality of the programs through offering flexible and advanced support to the accredited centres.

Entry requirements

  • Higher Secondary or equivalent Qualification
  • Level 3 Qualification from IBT or other institutions
  • The learners should require at least 3 years of proper work experience if they are aged above 21 years of age
  • The learner whose first language is not English must score 5.5 or above in the IELTS Examination or in equivalent exam. In alternative the students can take English test that is conducted by IBT approved centres.

Qualification structure

Unit Ref. No. Unit title Credit
DHM401 Introduction to Hotel Management 20
DHM402 Managing Front Office Operations 20
DHM403 Housekeeping, Engineering & Security 20
DHM404 Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development 20
DHM405 Marketing and Advertising 20
DHM406 Operations and Managing Food, Beverage Interdepartmental communications 20


The assessment will be carried out internally for all units. All the performances are evaluated by coursework. This may include staff observations, practical projects and production of portfolios. There is no formal examination for any of the units.

Learners will assess by their course work and assignments. Students will make sure to meet up the assessment criteria attached with each unit to the appropriate standard for the level of the unit.

Diploma certificate will be awarded following to the candidate's course work. This provided only after the checking and verification of qualified tutor and the confirmation of an external verifier. Candidate must pass all the seven units to get awarded and also a minimum of 40% marks in each unit.


Upon finishing this qualification, the people working within the hospitality sector will find themselves prime to take their career to the next level. The newcomer in the industry will gain from the serious advantages over the competition developed as a part of this qualification. The hospitality industry is specifically secure, dynamic and potential-filled, and not to mention impulsively beneficial for those who have the necessary skills and talents.

Delivery Method

The communication and learning will be conveyed through the approved centres of IBT Qualifications via Blended and Online. The student can select one of the IBT Qualification’s approved centres so that they will be able to attain benefits like tutor support and studying with other learners.

Leaners can also choose to study with one of IBT Qualifications’ Distance Learning providers who deliver courses through Blended Learning and Online, so that course can be finished at their own pace. This suits those who perhaps have family or work commitments. This may also be an option for you if you do not live near to one of our accredited centres.

There are IBT Qualifications Distance Learning providers who deliver courses through online and Blended learning, so that learners can complete their course at their own pace. The leaners also have the option to choose any of the IBT Qualifications Distance Learning providers to enroll. This will help those who are working and have family commitments and this type of learning facility will suit for those who are not living near to any of our accredited centres.

Learning Objectives/ Benefits of the course

  • To comprehend the concept of hospitality and the modern hospitality management including the management system and the organisational structure.
  • To recognize more on the front office operation, housekeeping, engineering and security.
  • To apprehend the prominence of the effective training, development, marketing and advertising.
  • To investigate the interdepartmental communication between the entire department.

The benefits of the course are it is a recognized course with full tutor support and self-paced with no fixed schedules. The course is available to the students anywhere in the world, and the course is interest-free fee instalments

What is included

  • A dedicated tutor for individual students to help and provide suggestions throughout the course.
  • Provide formative assessment with formative feedback will be supporting the learner to improve the achievements.
  • Our online learning platform will provide all of the assessment materials.
  • Platform independent accessibility of Online learning portal, ASML delivers the course straight to the student’s smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop through which will enable them to study at their convenience.

Level of attainment

Learners who meet the requirements for the qualification will be awarded a pass. The qualification itself is not graded. For each unit learners will be marked out of 100 and will be graded as follows.

A+ 75% + Higher Distinction
A 65% - 74% Distinction
B 50% - 64% Merit
C 40% - 49% Pass
D 30% - 39% Marginal Fail
D 15% - 29% Fail (Grade, copy from IBT)

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